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Car auction purchase
Transportation to the dismantling site
Dismantling according to customer request
Front cut or typical cut
BL Emission
Parts inventory
Container vanning


The container has the capacity of 20 to 23 unarmed vehicles, according to size

The client has the freedom to make the container to his taste and needs

We have the ability to export 1 or 2 containers per week or according to the client's request

Containers can be filled with additional parts if needed, example of those parts are: Jackies, hydraulic pumps, fans, fuel pump, metal speakers, engines, etc.

Purchase type

You can make wholesale, retail or specific parts purchases in any of our products (auto parts, engines, tires, etc.)

Specific part can be sent by container or DHL, depending on the type of part or your choice of shipping.

Our clients can choose between following options 1- we make the container, 2- you come personally to make it We have fully equipped facilities and the neccessary tools for you to dismantle according to your convenience.

More services...

We have a furnished apartment near the dismantled site (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.) for 1 or 2 persons. This appartment has additional cost. You can choose to stay with us or we can help you to find a hotel or apartment if you need it.

We provide you a transport service in Japan to go to auction and choose cars to be dismantled

We have the necessary tools for dismantling. You can bring your own tools if you whish.


CIF Prices (price, insurance, freight)

FOB Prices (free on board)

We have special price for wholesale purchases!

Payments are made 100% in advance,by bank transfer, PayPal or other method previously discussed and approved with us.

Boarding time

Container filling time depends on the difficulty of the customers order and our stock. The container transit time is approximately one month, it depends the destination country.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us